To become a member of OSI you need to register either as a student or non-student.

You pay a fixed OSI-fee of NOK 120,- to the central administration each semester (300 ,- if you  are a non-student), then you choose freely from the list of groups available and pay individual semester fees for those you would like to be a part of.

All OSI-members who are part of a OSI-group that uses SiO Athletica’s training facilities, have to pay entrance or membership to SiO Athletica, in addition to the OSI-membership. For prices, you can go to SiO Athleticas website. Note that as a member of SIO Athletica, you are obligated to follow their rules for use of their facilities. Membership in OSI and SiO Athletica are two separate memberships, and to start or close your SiO Athletica-membership, you will have to contact them directly.

As a member you are bound by OSI’s rules and regulations, as well as the laws of The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports. We note this includes that the club has the right to sanction individual members who violate the rules by reprimade, fine or exclusion from participating for a limited time period. Violation of the rules includes, but is not limited to, violent and offensive behaviour, drinking alcohol or other substance abuse at sports facilities.

Are you a student or a non-student?

If you study at any public educational institution you qualify as a student. This also includes exchange students and Norwegian students from cities besides Oslo.

You are a non-student if you do not follow a study program, are employed either by the University or SiO (the Student velfare organization), are re-taking classes at a private institution, or work as a PhD student without paying semester fees to the University.

As we are a student-club, we have a quota as to how many non-students who can join each group. Non-students will therefore not be able to complete the sign-up process before they have been approved by the group, who will do so depending on the non-student capacity. You will receive an e-mail if approved, with a link for completing the sign-up process. If you are not sure whether the group has capacity for more non-students, contact the group directly or the general manager.

Membership fees are non-refundable.

How to become a member:

Select the sport you want to join and press "Meld inn"

Be aware that all applications will be approved. Membership, however, will not be valid until the correct membership fee(s) is paid. Those who do not fill out the information needed according to the instruction e-mail, will not recieve an invoice, and will therefore not have a valid OSI-membership.